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Does your accountant only ever seem to give you bad news?

We would like to give you some good news too!

We work with you on a fixed fees basis, agreed in advance, paid via a monthly invoice to help your cashflow. This means you never have to feel uncomfortable because there is no risk of an unexpected invoice as we always agree our fees for work in advance.

Working differently to most, we will work closely with you to give you confidence in the choices you have to make each and every day so you can maximise your opportunities and minimise your challenges. 

As far as we are concerned there is no silly questions, we are happy to listen and help with any opportunities or challenges you face as well as assist you in providing solutions.

One way in which we can do this is by implementing one of our business development programs,the most popular programs is BOPP. This program is extremely powerful but also extremely simple, it will make you feel uncomfortable but the results speak for themselves and this program has help many business owners change their lives for the better.

We promise to:

  • Never surprise you with bills you’re not expecting
  • Provide a friendly, courteous and efficient service
  • Always exceed your expectations
  • Listen to what YOU are saying
  • Communicate with you quickly and fully
  • Advise you on how to pay the least amount of tax payable (legally)
  • Provide hands-on business advice without accountants’ jargon

Technology is everywhere these days, some people like technology and some do not but it is comforting to know that we have been using technology that most of our industry is only just waking upto for a number of years. This means we no just learning how to use it, we already know which allows us to tailor the business information in a format that suits you (not the accountants).

Swinton was born out of our desire to become much more than your accountant, to our customers we are key advisors and trusted business partners.

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